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Rank Site In Out
1 oHHo Gaming Community
2075 3249

~ oHHo Gaming Community ~
We are a Xbox Recreational Gaming Community! Ages 15+ or Mature
Click The Banner Register & Apply! Guys & Gals Welcome!
2 Red Shoe Rebels
1926 1792

We are a kick ass all girl clan on Xbox 360 and PS3!
3 Spectral Gaming
1677 1359

16 years and Older
Call of Duty & Battlefield gaming clan for players on Xbox, Playstation & PC
Also on iOS & Android game apps!!!
4 Korrupt Gaming
942 590

We are a 16+ FPS gaming clan. We support Black Ops 2, MW3, BF3, and soon to be Call of Duty: Ghost, and BF4
5 Envy Gaming Clan
753 1311

Mw3, BF3, Black ops 1&2 Gaming Clan for Ps3 and Xbox 360!
EU & NA Sided
Laid back & competitive Clan! Come check us out!
690 961

Immortal Chaos Gamers(ICG) is a fun,friendly,no drama gaming community.We cover various games on xbox 360.We hold Frequent tournaments w/prizes given out weekly. 2 Divisons juniors 14-17 & adults 18+
7 Ambush Gaming
562 1208

Gaming community founded in October 2012. We play all genres of games, mainly Black Ops 2 and MW3. 15+ age requirement. We have monthly tournaments with prizes!
8 Rebel Outcasts
475 669

We're a PS3 & PS4 CoD and BF Clan. We are a mature clan that consists of members over 30 years of age and we play the objective. We cater to all play levels. We will make the switch to PS4 at launch.
9 The Mafia
302 859

Xbox 360 clan for black ops2. No K/D required you're based off your in game skill. Apply today!
10 Old Guyz
231 539

An organization of active COD players for WiiU & PS3. Members are 30+, relaxed & easy going. Overly competitive try-hards & whiners need not pply.
219 652

D3LTA FORC3 is an elite tactical clan that has been in existence since 2003. It's unlike any clan you have ever experienced before. We have very high standards.This is a clan for serious gamers only.
12 Tactical Alliance
206 289

Perfection, a goal that is unreachable by many and attainable by few. We are that few. Strategy, Tactics, and Teamwork set us apart from everyone else. Using military precision and tactics we rise
13 Delta Recon Division
201 343

PS3 / PS4 clan playing BF4, COD Ghost and GTAV. We play to have fun, and meet new people. Mature clan with many years of leadership experience. Looking to expand onto the next gen consoles. Casual and
14 Infinity Elite Gaming
199 340

Infinity Elite Gaming is a XBOX360 casual family friendly clan with a competitive side. We are recruiting now so come check us out! 16+ years old
15 Scorpion Rising Gaming Community
179 298

Scorpion Rising is Gaming Community for Xbox. We have one motto "For The Gamers". We strive to get better as a team while enjoying the game.
16 FoD Gaming Clan
179 605

PS3, Xbox, PC Gaming Clan
Recruiting for Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Medal of Honor, MW3
17 Alliance Gaming
152 784

Est. 2013, aGmg is a "drama free" group of PS3 gamers who share the common goal of having fun. K/D does not matter. Click the banner to check us out.
18 Bacon Chili and Cheese
140 291

BCC is an organisation for Mature, Sensible ADULTS who want to play CoDs for fun. We don't care what you KDR is, we have NO tryouts - we want quality people. Not that we don't kick ass. All consoles
19 Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan
94 252

Blitzkrieg (BZK) is an active and highly skilled gaming clan exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. We specialize in the Call of Duty, Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto franchises. We a
20 The Legendary Lions
73 414

The Legendary Lions - A PS3 clan for players aged 25+ on Black Ops II. Make friends. Play for the team win. Communicate. A great group of members already, very active.
21 Rune Vault
58 207

RUNE: Real Underdogs New Elite

We are a South African Call of Duty Clan, We play MW3, BO2 and will also migrate to GHOSTS when it is released.
22 AmsterdamCREW Online Gaming clan
57 67

Online Gaming clan everyone can join if they want, we are dutch but maybe we can grow up to more crew members, we play on ps3,pc,xbox360 and comming soon ,ps4
23 For Good Company
47 371

PS3 clan for mature 21+ gamers playing BlackOps2,MW3,BF3, BlackOps.Around 250 members, ladies and men from EU,UK,USA. Make friends/exchange ideas/improve your online gaming. Join us today!
24 Over 30 Clan
44 278

Clan for gamers over the age of 30 (Females 25+) Established Dec 2010. We play the objective (PTFO). Xbox and PS3. Apply if interested.
25 Meet Your Owners
31 408

We are a tight-knit gaming community across several games. We focus on CoD, the Last of Us, and soon BF4 and Ghosts! We also compete in MLG. We are more than the regular gaming community; we are close

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