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1 Envy Gaming Clan
43 1820

Mw3, BF3, Black ops 1&2 Gaming Clan for Ps3 and Xbox 360!
EU & NA Sided
Laid back & competitive Clan! Come check us out!
2 KgN Team
24 747

Kingsman Team, we are a PS3 clan which supports Call of duty Black Ops 2, JOIN TODAY!
3 Over 30 Clan
12 311

Clan for gamers over the age of 30 (Females 25+) Established Dec 2010. We play the objective (PTFO). Xbox and PS3. Apply if interested.
4 FoD Gaming Clan
5 504

PS3, Xbox, PC Gaming Clan
Recruiting for Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Medal of Honor, MW3
5 For Good Company
4 366

PS3 clan for mature 21+ gamers playing BlackOps2,MW3,BF3, BlackOps.Around 250 members, ladies and men from EU,UK,USA. Make friends/exchange ideas/improve your online gaming. Join us today!
2 88

SÕNS ÕF CHÃÕS ÐRÎFT MÊCHÃNÎSM is a group that has been around sense 2000. Always in the forefront of gaming we has stood the test of time.
7 Rune Vault
2 50

RUNE: Real Underdogs New Elite

We are a South African Call of Duty Clan, We play MW3, BO2 and will also migrate to GHOSTS when it is released.
8 Vengeful Ops
2 138

Want to be part of a fun mature gaming clan on PS3? Like to play the objective? Look no further. All skill levels catered for. Mic needed.
9 SkyZz Gaming
1 51
This is our clan website please subscribe to us on youtube SkyZz Gaming :)
10 Skpo Clan
1 184

Our Site Is About A Fast Growing Clan That Needs Your Help To Keep Growing. To Grow Our Clan Please Sub Our Youtube Channel 'Skpo Clan' And Message 'Skpo Hooded Duk' For recruitment.
11 Red Shoe Rebels
1 312

We are a kick ass all girl clan on Xbox 360 and PS3!
12 MadBroGames
1 109

MadBroGames is an up and coming Black Ops 2 ELITE clan. We do daily and weekly challenges, as well as operations. A 1.0 K/D is required to join, but we will make exceptions for skilled players.
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