TOP 100 Black Ops 2 Clans

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TOP 100 Black Ops 2 Clans

Rank Site In Out
1 Envy Gaming Clan
45 2094
Mw3, BF3, Black ops 1&2 Gaming Clan for Ps3 and Xbox 360!
EU & NA Sided
Laid back & competitive Clan! Come check us out!
2 KgN Team
33 854
Kingsman Team, we are a PS3 clan which supports Call of duty Black Ops 2, JOIN TODAY!
3 Over 30 Clan
13 384
Clan for gamers over the age of 30 (Females 25+) Established Dec 2010. We play the objective (PTFO). Xbox and PS3. Apply if interested.
4 FoD Gaming Clan
5 586
PS3, Xbox, PC Gaming Clan
Recruiting for Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Medal of Honor, MW3
5 For Good Company
4 424
PS3 clan for mature 21+ gamers playing BlackOps2,MW3,BF3, BlackOps.Around 250 members, ladies and men from EU,UK,USA. Make friends/exchange ideas/improve your online gaming. Join us today!